When you want to start a fashion clothing line, or complete a clothing order, you may already contact many clothing manufacturers.

Did you encounter these problems?
  1. Some garment manufacturers can only produce single product, can not meet your requirements.
  2. Can not find the fabric you need
  3. Can not embroidery, screen print, thermal transfer print, positioning printing, and other technology
  4. Although they can complete the whole clothes, but some of the process can not be completed
  5. Can not be produced according to your request, especially when you do not have a sample.
  6. Delivery is uncertain
  7. Does not provide transportation services
Fortunately you find Missnannan – Private Label Clothing Manufacturer
Here, we can provide you with a complete set of services, Only need to tell us what you want and the rest are done by us.
  1. Missnannan can produce a variety of products, knitting, woven, non-woven, and men’s, women’s, kid’s wear, bath, bedding, T-shirts, denim, overalls, hats, gloves, etc. Specific products here: www.missnannan.com/our-portfolio/
  2. Missnannan production plant is located in the world’s largest fabric market center, we can easily find any kind of fabric.
  3. We can provide almost all of the clothing process, printing, embroidery, drilling, fading, worn, etc.
  4. Missnannan have a variety of Germany and Japan advanced sewing equipment, increasing equipment investment each year to keep fit industry-leading, to ensure the completion of various difficult clothing technology
  5. We have a number of excellent designers, can be a good understanding of the customer’s require, through the design draw, or photos can produce the right apparel.
  6. Powerful production capacity to ensure accurate delivery, never late.
  7. Provide air, sea, express, and other modes of transport, there is always a suitable for you.


Contact us here:  www.missnannan.com/contact-us-2/