Clothing sewing pay more attention to the appearance of aesthetic, as well as the precise size, and must also ensure that the product durable.
For some special style clothes, Sewing equipment is more complex and often require operation by experienced staff, so we can guarantee a long distance ( for example long dress )to keep sewing straight trajectory.

Missnannan has advanced sewing equipment, and some of the machines were upgraded, you can ensure high-quality products in the production process. Especially the upgraded computer quilting.

Compared with the traditional computerized quilting machine quilting, breaking the tie only half coordinate its simple design features. In the precise control of computer systems, computerized quilting machine can perfectly handle the entire complex patterns compiled by the coordinates in the production rate, mechanical properties, noise pollution and other indicators, are the conventional mechanical machine can not be compared. Through the use of advanced computer quilting techniques, improve labor productivity, reduce costs, automate quilted goods production process.

We Another advantage is that we have a large number of experienced workers, can handle all kinds of problems in sewing, to ensure product quality remained better.

household manufacturer sewing

household manufacturer sewing