About Us

Missnannan is a clothing manufacturer can accept small order, was established in 2002.

Years has been providing clients with women’s fashion, men’s clothes,and kids wear, customized services, clients around the world, product quality in line with the majority of testing standards.

factory image missnannan


Can be produced according to the client’s require, or design draw, or samples, and provide embroidery, printing, trademarks, label, individuation packaging and other additional services.


Missnannan products include custom made women’s fashion, kids clothes,and men’s garment, bath, bedding, etc.


75% of workers have more than two years of work experience, male to female ratio 4: 6. We promise: not using underage workers, employees can get to get their wages on time, buy three or more commercial insurance for employees.

Production capacity:

We have over 400 workers in the production team that can run 23 production lines at the same time, can sewing more than 70,000 products per month


Strict internal quality control system to ensure defect rate of less than 0.002%, because we only offer high quality products.

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